Imigas Group, cook stoves, inserts, fireplaces, metallic solutions,
laser cutting, sheet bending, welding, fuel tanks for buses,
customized fuel tanks.

Production plant in Ermua (Vizcaya)

Production plant in Mallabia (Vizcaya)

The steel force

IIMIGAS is born in Eibar in 1960 as a Company devoted to manufacturing products that improve the quality of life at home: Gas stoves, mixed stoves, heaters, dishwashers, heating systems...

As time passed by and due to business expansion IMIGAS moved to Ermua where has been adapting to the market trends and based upon its own experience in steel sheet cutting and welding has gained a prestige laying in two basic principles: technical specialization and the specialized treatment.

At the same time, Imigas has been offering new products and services to its customers becoming what today it is: a trustable business partner